Our Approach

With every client for every transaction, we conduct business based on the highest ethical standards with an emphasis on transparency and accessibility. These principles represent our core ethos. 

Advanced Analytics

Our financial modeling is supported by data generated from over 300+ unique transactions and reviewing thousands of retail appraisals, giving us unparalleled access to data, trends, and do's and dont's when operating any kind of wholesale project. 

Superior Operations

When you work with UWS, we provide white glove service to ensure that we are taking full operational responsibility, enabling you and your team to focus on core go-forward business objectives. We’re good at it, too. UWS is retail operations focused and our team consists of former retail executives and professionals. Together, we maintain constant coordination between our operations and analytics to ensure peak performance and operational execution.

Guaranteed Results.

At UWS, we understand that each business owner has unique needs and we take pleasure in catering to them. If for any reason you have questions about the items, price, process, or any special request you have, we are on standby to serve you from sourcing to delivery till you receive your products.

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