We deal in bulk shipping to provide the best price to our clients. 

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United Wholesale Solutions is an international trading and distribution company. Our management has many years of experience in the fields of importing and distributing. The basic function of our company is to source, market and distribute the products you need with the price you want. Contact us today!

United Wholesale Solutions assists retailers, manufactures, and trademark holders in sourcing medical supplies as well as 

re-marketing unproductive, aged, and out-of-season inventory.

UWS develops customized solutions to monetize unwanted and unproductive

inventory in a broad range of asset classes including, but not limited to:



Toys and Games

Sporting Goods


     Health and Beauty Products

 Grocery Items

End of Season Merchandise


United Wholesale Solutions, Inc. 

Leveraging United Wholesale Solutions global disposition capabilities, infrastructure, and expertise, UWS is able to re-market the aged, unproductive and out-of-season merchandise assets and avoid channel conflict. The end result is a timely, tailored disposition program geared toward maximizing recovery and providing liquidity.


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